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Mac is a rarity in the Australian music scene... a Newcastle based drummer, performer, educator and producer... he never gives up...

Mac is a major talent for all types of entertainment from fire breathing to snake handling. He is a fearless musician; performing all styles and genres of music. Mac is a renowned drummer, percussionist and vocalist. He is well known for his unique song writing ability.

Mac began his journey as a roadie for a Newcastle rock band in the eighties. He joined several bands in in Sydney including: The Beast with Rockin’ Rob Riley, Craig T Foster and Pete Kerkell. The Dennis Wilson Band (The Deltoids) with Dennis Wilson and John. Mac was in Jeff St Johns Asylum with Jeff St Johns, Dennis Wilson and John Strangio.

He played drums in the Adelaide band The Mega Boys from the mid to late eighties with Vincenzo Contarino, Rockin Rob Riley and Bruce 'Dingo' Howe and The Zep Boys with Vincenzo Contarino, Rob Pippan, and Alex. Mac joined Ralph Carr's Melbourne Rock band Janz in the late eighties with David Janz, Rob Parde, David Carr and Phil Martin.

In the eighties Mac performed in the bands: Anvil Chorus with Barry 'Buzzsaw' Adams, Grant 'Zac' Lawson, Stevie MacDonald, Trevor Dare, Mark Tinson, Bob Spencer, Craig T Foster and John-Boy Whitbread. He was in Fabulous Colours with Tony Heads, Brien McVernon, Mark Tinson and Gary Wilson. Homegrown with Cheryl O'Keefe, Terry O'Keefe, Col Carter , John, Craig T. Foster. The Idols with Mike (Vee) Visser, John Shelley, Trevor Dare, David Hinds, Mark Tinson, Graham Whittingham and Al Wade. Loud and Proud with Justin Roberts, Grant 'Zac' Lawson and Craig T Foster. Greg Lee Band with Greg Lee, Trevor Dare, Steve McDonald, Craig Goddard, Tony Heittmeyer, Graham Whittingham and Pete  Reay. Mirage with Greg Lee, Trevor Dare, John Shelley and Craig T Foster. The Wire with Ian Bennett, Danny Jackson, John-Boy Whitbread and George Coutsouco. Witchdoctors with John 'Choc' Eriwata, John Baillee, Simon Chapman, Robert Baillee, Rick Maneski, Replacements: Steve 'Mac' McLennan and Bruce Gain.

During the mid eighties in Sydney, Mac joined Swanee with John Swan, Mark Tinson, Bob Spencer, Gus Fenwick, Pete Kerkell, Dennis Wilson, Tony Lee, Tayah, Pammy, Pete Northcott and Billy. Mac was in a Red Faces segment in 1986.

From the late eighties and into the 1990's Raiding Party, a party rock band playing covers and original songs was formed in Newcastle. Members of Raiding Party's original line-up included: James Davis: keyboard/piano, Brien McVernon: bass, Ian 'Candy' Sandercoe: vocal, Craig 'Rosie' Rosevear: drums and Paul Flaherty: guitar. Later Newcastle musicians Mark Tinson: guitar replaced Paul Flaherty and Gary Wilson replaced Craig 'Rosie' Rosevear, Gary Wilson was later replaced by Steve 'Mac' McLennan.  

In the 1990's Mac played in the following bands: Big Bad Bee's with Justin 'Ngariki' Bolth, Trevor Dare and Pete 'Cyd' Lindsay. Extreme Blues Ngariki, Kent Jackson, with guests and replacements including: Glen Hone, Robert Matthews, T.K., Bob Spencer, Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Steve Earl, Peter Houlihan, Chris Lowe, Craig 'Rosie' Rosevear and Steve Fuller. Glam Gods with Ron Bult, Dennis Butler, Brien McVernon, Brad Duncan, Peter Hoolahan, Peter Lindsay, Ngariki and Josh Calloway. Gobblers Knob with Peter Lindsay, Ngariki and Ron Bult. King Swing with Barry Adams, Andrew Davis, Pete 'Syd' Lindsay and Tony Coghlan. Midnight Howlers with John Baillee and Rob Baillee. Slim Jim and The Fats Band with Dino De Vitas, Rod Ansell and Rob Baillee. The Stilsons with Dave Gleeson, Ismet Osmanovic, Kenny Jewel and Trevor Dare. The Swindlers with Bob Fletcher, Tony Coglan, Greg Dawson and Peter Wholohan. Weld with Mark Tinson, Ngariki, Pete 'Syd' Lindsay, Trevor Dare, Christine Lindsay, Pete Johns, Julie Wilson, Sue Carson, Glenn Hone, Ron Bult and Linda Joon Weatherburn. Chris Reynolds Band with Chris Reynolds and Rob Baillie. Freak Shop with Ron Bult, Pete 'Syd' Lindsay, Nick Rosetti, Mark Black, Darren Brollo, Ngariki, Brad Heaney, Paolo Vellicelli, Steve Fuller, Rick Manevski, Brien McVernon and Bob Daisley.

Mac played drums in Yiante. Members of Yiante included: Ian 'Candy' Sandercoe, Paul Elliott, Ngariki, Tony Heaney, Josh Calloway, Robert 'Bobby Sox' Mathews, Dave Carter, Craig Lancaster and Chris Lowe. Nightmare The 'Alice Cooper' story with Mark Black, Nick Rosetitte, Ron Bult, Tony Heads and Graham Whittingham.

Mac Mclennan plays in numerous bands throughout the 2000's with Bulls Eye Merkins with Ngariki, Robert 'Bobby Sox' Matthews and Kenny Jewel. The Smakka and Waddy Experience with Ngariki and guest Mark Tinson. The Poo Tickets with Rick Caballo, Kenny Jewel and James Clarke. PiYBa$ with Jarrod Daunt, Trevor Dare, Kenny Jewel and Rob Banks. Leeroy & the Rats with Leeroy Hammond, Matt Furguson, Glen Hone, Rick Maneski. Last Rock 'n' Roll Band in Newie with Trevor Dare, Ngariki and Kenny Jewel. Kamikazi Kowboys with Ismet Osmanovic, Kenny Jewel and guest The Very Reverend Toddy. 

Steve 'Mac' MacLennan drummed on Dave Evans solo album 'Sinner' released in October of 2004. Musicians included: Mark Tinson, David Hinds, Trevor Dare, Simon Croft, Ngariki and Steve 'Mac' McLennan on drums.

In 2005 Mac was awarded for outstanding contributions to Community Theatre in the Hunter Region.

2006 Mac became an Officer and Tour guide at Maitland Gaol. He conducted Historical tours, was function and event coordinator, historical research coordination and oral history researcher. He has conducted research with ex-officers/ex-inmates at Alcatraz Penitentiary and was awarded Newcastle University's medal for his honours research project on Maitland Gaol.

Recent additions to Steve 'Mac' McLennan's list of music related achievements include:  2007 with Dave Gleeson, Rockin’ Rob Riley and Paul Wosseen in the band Tug.

Steve 'Mac' McLennan was a contestant on The Einstein Factor. Specialty: Life and Music of Alice Cooper (1964-84) Appeared: Episode 16, 27/05/2007. 1950 points - Winner. Play-off airs June 10, 2007. He works with kids from the Hunter Region and will be completing a PhD in 2007.

Songs Steve ‘Mac’ McLennan created include:

Performed and Recorded by THE IDOLS:
Little Miss Adventure (Mac, Al Wade)

Performed and Recorded by THE MEGA BOYS:
Talk To You (Mac, Bruce Howe)
Give You My Love (Mac, Rob Riley, Vince Contarino)
Darker Side (Mac)

Performed and Recorded by JANZ:
Darker Side (Mac)

Performed and Recorded by RAIDING PARTY:
Darker Side (Mac)
Sinner (Mac, Mark Tinson)
Web Of Love (Mac)
Edge of the World (Mac, Brien McVernon, Mark Tinson)
It Aint About Love (Mac)

Performed and Recorded by STEVE GIBSON:
Nothing More To Say (Mac)

Performed and Recorded by FREAK $HOP:
DOA (Mac, Tinson, Ngariki)
Sinner (Mac, Tinson)
Edge of the World (Mac, Brien McVernon, Mark Tinson)
Afraid of the Dark (Mac, Tinson)
Peek A Boo (Mac, Tinson)
Me Myself And I (Mac, Ngariki)
Another Stoopid Love Song (Mac, Tinson)
Shadow Of Tears (Mac, Tinson)
Open Up Your Eyes (Mac, Ron Bult, Tinson)
For Rosies Sake (Mac, Ngariki, Ron Bult, Pete Lindsay, Mark Tinson)
All Fall Down (Mac, Tinson)

Performed and Recorded by WELD ( aka The Krakk Haus Krishnas )
Me And My Gun (Mac)
Shine (Mac, Tinson)
Bigger (Mac, Ngariki)
Open Up Your Eyes (Mac, Ron Bult, Tinson)
For Rosies Sake (Mac, Ngariki, Ron Bult, Pete Lindsay, Mark Tinson)

Performed and Recorded by DAVE EVANS:
DOA (Mac, Tinson, Ngariki)
Sinner (Mac, Tinson)

Following is an insight from Mac about Mac...

Where do I begin as far as influences are concerned??
My parents, girlfriends, wives, partners, my son, teachers, mentors, drugs, alcohol, books, movies, the weather….the list is endless.
With regards to music and obviously drums, I would have to start with the 2KO good guys and 60s radio in Newcastle. It was through them I heard “Signs” by The Five Man Electrical Band which is still one of my all time favourite singles. 2NX put on live concerts in Civic Park during the 70s and I got to experience the exhilaration and volume of rock’n’roll in a concert situation. Ronnie Simpson played me my first 2 albums (Jimi Hendrix “Axis Bold As Love” and The Beatles’ “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”) and I was hooked on LPs. Robert Houston, a mate from Wallsend High School played me Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” in 1972 and Ive been obsessed with all things Cooperesque ever since. The Coopers’ drummer Neal $mith was my first drumming influence….6’4” with blonde hair to his arse, sitting behind a 20 plus piece mirrored Premier kit…I thought he was the coolest guy Id ever seen….thats who I wanted to be. I finally met him in 2006 at Alice Cooper’s Xmas Pudding Charity Event…he still plays great and is a lovely guy…and the No.1 stick twirler in the world !!!!! (I actually have a pair of his stix in my collection of AC memorabilia). I also had the good fortune to play with original Alice Cooper bassist Dennis Dunaway at a little club (Ale Mary’s) in New York in 2005….(as a fan it just doesn’t get better than). Vicki Parsons, another Wallsend High School alumni played me “Black Sabbath Vol.4”…Bill Ward became the next drummer I wanted to emulate. Rabbit guitarist Dave Hinds and some pals had a musical instrument store in King Street called Highway Music. He played me Led Zeppelin’s “In My Time Of Dying”. This was my first experience of the immeasurable power of John Bonham. Other guys who Ive attempted to “borrow” stuff from over the years include Ringo, Charlie Watts, Cozy Powell, Ginger Baker, Ian Paice, Phil Rudd and Alex Van Halen to name but a few.

Every musician Ive ever played with over the years has had some influence (be it positive or negative) on me as a person and a musician. In the profoundly positive I would definitely have to list Rockin’ Rob Riley, Mark Tinson and Ngariki: I regard Rob as one of the most complete musicians I have ever had the pleasure to perform with. When it comes to playing guitar he is easily in the upper echelons and his song-writing from Rose Tattoo classics, “We Cant be Beaten” and “Scarred For Life” to more recent solo efforts including “The Story Is Told” and “Forklift Man” remain among my listening favourites. Mark Tinson, has had me thrown out of night clubs and then organised a bunch of music industry friends to pay for my enrolment at University. He has seen me at my worst and still considers me a friend.
Ngariki and I built a friendship (both personal and musical) during our days with Freak $hop which has stood the test of time. I love working with Ngariki, his talent is inspiring, whether it be on original songs, blasting out some Black Sabbath at a biker gig or doing our quirky “Smakka and Waddie” drums and guitar duo…I always end up smiling.I have been fortunate enough to have met many of my ‘Rock Heroes’ and their humility and “real-ness” has been both humbling and inspiring…influential on a level far beyond their musical achievements.

On a totally personal level the greatest influences in my life have been my family. Mum (Laurel) and dad (John) obviously guided me from birth and accepted and supported most of the choices Ive made over the past 40 odd years. My partner Linda like-wise has been a great support. My son Zac at only 12 years old is wise beyond his years and his enthusiasm; commitment and general lust for life are awe inspiring. He challenges me to be a better dad / person every day. And…finally…my grandmother (Myrtle Parkinson), though no longer in the land of the living is a constant guiding force in my life. I hope that wherever she is she approves of how I'm turning out.

The following was sourced from the Newcastle Bands Database. Mac said: After "The Idols" called it quits I was looking to pull some people together to play more for the hell of it than as a career move. I wanted to form a 4 piece rock band in the style of Zeppelin and Sabbath (drums, bass, guitar, vocals) and was looking for like-minded people with a passion for hard rock."
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